Abstract Innovations Designs

I was invited by Abstract Innovations, a Point Fortin Trinidad based interior/exterior design company, to cover their work at a high profile wedding in Tobago in early 2014. Now, I have been in the wedding arena for awhile, from working as a videographer fifteen years ago for different industry vendors to owning my own company today, so believe me I have seen all flavors of interior/exterior designs and there are not many executions that could move me.
When I walked into the beautiful English style stone structured villa named Azalejo nestled on the highest point of the Mt Irvin hill overlooking the sea, my team and I were blown away by what we saw. I swear I walked into an 1800s castle right in time for the grand ball. Can I say it again, we were blown away! The color theme was white and to tell you the truth I have always found white to be the most boring theme a couple could use for a wedding day, to me it is just bland, no salt, no sugar. My cinematic eye loves to see contrast, rich colors that add dimension to the environment, but boy oh boy, Abstract Innovations changed my perspective about all white decor. The main entrance space with the sky light allowed the mid-day sun to hit the inside pond’s crystal clear water, all being defused by strategically placed white draped crisscrossed material. We all stood there for awhile with head motions looking up and down soaking in the arrangement, not to mention the four dozen gold fish parading in the water without a care. Hey, what they say about first impressions is true, what an entrance. If we were blown away as the event staff, I cannot imagine what the wedding guests would think. Everything was perfect, it was like they had a week to setup these elaborate spaces. Space after space was moving. Where the natural light could not penetrate it was compensated for with artificial light for the late afternoon reception. Purple and white lights were used just to feather the main back-drop and corners in the reception hall over the white fabric giving an air of sexy and mysterious. Now, this was just the reception space, the ceremony was to be held on the jetty at Pigeon Point. Of course when I reached this location my excitement did not plateau, the jetty was transformed to an intimate space that characterized class. What else could a bride want to see while walking down the proverbial isle, or jetty in this case, on her wedding day? To put it simply, Abstract Innovations nailed it and they only had limited hours to get all of this coordination executed. The proof was in the pudding. Was the bride happy? Oh yeah she was, all smiles, not just because she married a dashing, muscularly built doctor, but also because her wedding event spaces were transformed into a fairy tale. I was so impressed by Abstract Innovations’ work that I asked the company’s owner, Justin Munroe, to help me close the circle of a one stop shop for wedding services. Abstract Innovations is now the premier partner with my company, Media Foundry Trinidad, a clear indication of my stamp of approval for this innovative company.